Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Horror - Noroi The Curse 呪い

Tonight I watched Noroi, The Curse.

Filmed hand-held style and yet not to be thought of as just another Blair Witch knock-off, this movie is effective and suspense filled. 
It follows Kobayashi (not the one from The Usual Suspects), an investigative journalist of a paranormal themed TV show, as he investigates the story behind a young psychic girl's disapearence.  Could this be linked to a ritual used to appease a demon in the 1970's?
What do you think?
This builds up the spookiness factor nicely, and although the plot meanders around quite a bit, there is still enough tension to keep you watching.
There's not many shocks, and - SPOILER ALERT - no dramatic ending where the possesed-girl-with-long-hair comes crawling towards the frozen hero, but despite not following these Japanese conventions this film is still worth a watch.
Just not if you're a crazy dog-lover, you'll see why.
Recommended, just don't let your 8 year old watch it, ahem...

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