Thursday, 24 March 2011

Horror - Rubber & Rubber Johnny

Tonight I sat through Rubber.

A film about people watching a film about a possesed car tyre.  That's right.  A possesed car tyre.
Not as stupid as it sounds, this has decent special effects, and a knowing sense of humour that rises it above the hoi poloi of low budget horror fare that comes out these days.

But the real reason I mention it is while I was looking on youTube for the trailer I stumbled across something I'd not seen in a couple of years.  Something I think you all should watch.
Shot by Chris Cunningham, who directed the excellent Aphex Twin music videos Windowlicker and Come To Daddy, this is a 6 minute nightmare come to life.  Why this man hasn't directed a feature length horror yet is a mystery to me.
If you have even a passing interest in anything scary turn the lights off, click on full screen and enjoy...

I truly believe, whether you like Aphex Twin's music or not (you can turn the sound down, the visuals speak volumes), that Chris Cunningham is a hell of a talented director who should be making movies.  If you liked that video check out the terrifying Come To Daddy here.  Be warned though, this is not Myley Cyrus or Jay-Z.


  1. I found that "Rubber Johnny" thing quite a while ago too probably back when I was still using MySpace. It's weird. What makes it more amusing for me being English is that a "rubber johnny" is another name for a condom in British slang.

  2. To be honest, I never could get into Aphex Twin as much as some of my old friends, but always loved the videos.
    And there is indeed a 'rubber johnny' at the start when the titles roll.

  3. Jesus christ, what the fuck have you made me watch?!??! Why oh why hasn't anyone given that thing a bloody hat to put on?
    For some reason it reminds me of little Jimmy Somerville.

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