Monday, 14 March 2011

Horror - Legion

Change of plan, I was going to watch I Saw The Devil but ended up watching Legion instead.
Wish I had stuck with original plan to be honest.

Legion starts off fairly slowly and slows down cosiderably after that.  To say that Legion suffers from pacing problems would be like saying A Serbian Film suffers with child protection issues.
The plot centres around Michael, Paul Bettany, a fallen angel sent to protect an unborn child who (obviously) is humanity's last hope for redemption.  God has had quite enough of us miserable sinners, and had sent down an apocolypse to sort us right out! 
With Dennis Quaid as a drunk-who'll-turn-good-in-the-end, a stereotypical yuppie couple, and a token black gang banger character, this film is not shy in shallow charcter development.  There is so much charcter development in fact, that the film drags on between set-pieces interminably.
I'm not a philistine, I expect at the very least some talking in a film.  Dialogue could be considered quite important in driving the plot along.  But when an action sequence is followed by twenty minutes of talking, another three minutes of effects driven action and then another fifteen minutes of slow paced chatting I began to get a little bored.
The action scenes are quite enjoyable with possesed mortals with shark like eyes and teeth scuttling around on the ceiling, foul-mouthed grannies and demonic children, this certainly had it's moments, but unfortunately I found the flagging exposition not to my disposition.


  1. This is one of those movies I like but I know I shouldn't.

  2. It had its moments, but I just thought it could've done with some serious pruning in the edit.


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