Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 12

I quite enjoyed the last quiz, hopefully you'll enjoy this one.
Same rules, different films.

And Hard...
And before any wiseasses say that the hard's not hard, I know.  It's hard to some, just not you hardcore gorehounds.
Having said that, enjoy (these are all still taken off my shelf and so are films I've enjoyed enough to actually buy!),  and I wonder if this will last more than a day...


  1. Uhhh, the hard one is hard for me! I have no idea. But the first one is The Devil's Backbone.

  2. First is definitely THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE. My guess for the second one is SOCIETY, even though I know that's not right. It just reminds me of that film. Hard, I have no idea!

    Keep these coming. They are ever so entertaining.

  3. The Devil's Backbone is right.
    Jenn, you should have a little more faith in yourself. It is Society, well done.
    Come on, I know at least one of you knows the hard one!

  4. damn im such a noob, only got the first one.

  5. I'll pat myself on the back then :) Glad I got SOCIETY correct. Now, how about a hint on the hard one?

  6. A clue? hmmm.
    This is supposedly based on a true story, in fact a Romanian chap I know said he remembered this story being in the news.

  7. I wanted to let you know... you are in the first fright club challenge....


    Good Luck "Frighter"

  8. Thanks very much - and get voting for me everyone at the above link - but that's not the answer to the hard one now is it?

  9. I knew the first two but the ladies beat me to it. The third I have no idea. I voted by the way. Good luck.

  10. Thanks Jason. Appreciate it.
    Another clue?
    The woman in the picture is a French school teacher, but she aint in France!

  11. Them is correct Sir! Well done, I didn't think that one would ever go. If I wanted to be pedantic, I would say that my DVD cover said 'Ils' not 'Them' but then I'd be being a dick.
    Tell me Jason, did you know it, or did my clues give it away?
    Either way, you are this weeks horror know-it-all.


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