Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Horror - Beyond The Limits

I had popcorn, I had wine.  I had Olaf Itttenbach's Beyond The Limits to enjoy.  I'd heard it was extremely gory - even hard to stomach in places, and that the second half was beautifully shot.  But what i found beyond the limits (of my patience) was the acting. it was truly abominable.  I'm sure the recomendations were sincere, but I had to turn this movie off, as the performances were so appaling (and bear in mind, I'd just watched Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call New Orleans with Nicolas Cage and Val Kilmer, so I know what I'm talking about here!)
I admit, it was the second half of this film I'd heard was worth watching - when the action shifts from present day Los Angeles to the Middle Ages, where a priest is chased and then tortured in the name of the Inquisition.
Wait until I get to the bottom of this very nice bottle of Chardonnay Semillon, and I'll perservere - and let you all know how gruesome this film really is.


  1. Hello Dr. Cyclops Horror (neat name, btw) :-) Just wanted to return the GFC add favour and drop by, and man are your reviews funny! I must admit that I'm having a hard time finding people with the same sense of humour, but you're right on the button! Others don't seem to appreciate my jokes ;-) lol Anywho, I definitely know what you mean by abominable acting, and the Nicolas Cage mention was priceless ;-) Did you see "Season of the Witch"? That was pretty abominable in and of itself, but he just made it worse imho ;-) LOL

    Have a great night,

  2. Thanks very much, Darkeva.
    I did see Season of The Witch. Not even the great Ron Perlman could save it.
    Why did Stephen Graham, playing a merchant and guide from 9th century Prague have a Brooklyn accent? He'd obviously just come straight from his stint on Boardwalk Empire, and had forgotten to lose the voice.
    At least Christopher Lee had the sense and dignity to do it under heavy make up, not get out of bed and die within two minutes of appearing.

  3. Liking your site Darkeva.
    If you like your horror fiction, I have a recommendation for you.
    If you've never read it, try to get hold of a copy of Satanskin by James Havoc (Creation Press), its quite hard to get hold of, as it didn't sell many copies. I really enjoyed this book. I couldnt call it a novel, it's not even a selction of short stories, as there is no narrative as such, it's simply an ever expanding sprawl of extreme ideas, written in a beautiful, prosiac, filthy language.
    Bloody and scatalogical it also had the distinction of nauseating me and educating me at the same time - several times each chapter I had to reach for the dictionary. Think the Marquis de Sade meets Gilles De Rais.
    You may not like it, but if you're on the outlook for something 'different' then try James Havoc.

  4. Hi Doctor Cyclops, that sounds like it's TOTALLY up my alley! I love obscure horror that's hard to find -- when I can find it ;-) lol And the way you've described it makes it sound irresistible ;-)

    Re: Stephen Graham hahaha that reminded me of Tony Curtis in one of the Roman epic movies that he did and he had the thickest Brooklyn accent ever ;-) Too funny. bwahaha re: Christopher Lee; totally agree ;-) And the thing with the demon who wanted to get rid of the Key of Solomon because it somehow had a spell to get rid of it forever? Lame lol I think the Key of Solomon was actually used to conjure demons not banish them ;-) _was_ sad that Ron Perlman couldn't save it, but hopefully he'll do another Hellboy to make up for this ;-)


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