Thursday, 17 March 2011

Horror - Wake Wood

In cinemas 25th March, Wake Wood is the latest entry from the newly ressurected Hammer studios.

Starring Aidan Gillen from The Wire and one of my favorite actors, Timothy Spall this looks quite interesting.  Gillen and his wife, grieving over the death of their daughter, move to a remote village where the locals practise Pagan rituals.  The leader, Spall, says he can bring their daughter back from the dead for three days only.  But what will happen when their time is up?
I'll be looking out for this one.


  1. This does look good. I'm a big fan of the old school Hammer movies--so I'm very skeptical of the new Hammer films. While it might be Hammer in name only these days, this film seems like a return to the good old days.

    It has a good cast. Plus, it has shades of The original Wicker Man (which I love). I'm really eager to see this.

  2. I love the vintage Hammers too, so I was very disapointed with The Resident - though I've heard that Let Me In is as good as Let The Right One In (I've seen the original and loved it, so wasnt in a hurry to watch a remake).
    This has potential though, as does the big screen version of The Woman In Black Hammer are shooting with Daniel-Harry Potter-Radcliffe.
    I saw the stage play last year, so I hope they don't ruin that.


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