Saturday, 19 March 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 14

It's Saturday!  That can mean only one thing...
It's the weekly waste of time that is Name That Film.
3 screen grabs from my collection, but can you name what films they are from?  Of course you can.  You've not let me down yet!
No prizes, just see if you can be the first.

And Hard...

Good luck.

And I'm getting properly thrashed (and not in a good way) here.  Vote now!


  1. Easy is VAMP. I don't know the Medium. There's a severed hand and that dude kinda looks like Bruce Campbell, so I guess I'd have to say EVIL DEAD 2, but I know that's not right. And Hard is Nekromantic, again?

  2. Easy is Vamp, yes.
    Medium? No, not Evil Dead 2. That's not Bruce Campbell.
    And hard? Would I be so sneaky to do the same film again? No, I'm afraid it's not Nekromantik - but you're close Jenn!

  3. Dr. Terrors House of Horrors for Medium. Hard I have no idea.

  4. You're right Jason. It is Dr. Terrors House of Horrors.
    As for the hard, think Nekromantik, but not....

  5. i knew the first one... and for the rest, hell no.

    make a plea to your followers to vote for you and maybe they can repost on their site, git your numbers up... it can be done and will be done...

  6. If no-one has this by tomorrow, then I'll post the answers.

  7. Jenn and jason were correct with the Easy and Medium, well done to them.
    The Hard one was Der Todesking. Obviously....


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