Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 11

So, because Smarty-pants' like Jason, Giovanni, Dr,Morbius, Eternity Kidz, Jinx et al are just too damn good at guessing the films I put up, here (as a one off) is a special Hard, Hard and Hard edition of Name That Film.  Who has the cajones to correctly name all three films...?

Even Bloody Harder Still...

I'm laughing to myself, because I know you'll get them all, despite my claims of their dificulty!

Every still I've put up so far is from a horror film I have in my collection, so does that make me very sad or you lot even sadder for guessing them within hours of me posting them? hmmm.

Probably, just me.


  1. I have no clue. You got me on these three. I can't wait to find out though so I can watch them myself. You have an awesome dvd collection by the way.

  2. Thanks, my wife doesn't think so.
    It goes from one extreme to the other here. Either everyone knows them, and it goes within an hour, or nobody has a clue!

  3. Middle one is Inside... no idea on the other two, but I'll sure come back to find out!

  4. First one is Necromantik? Second, definitely Inside. Third, I know I've seen it somewhere, but no clue!

  5. Necromantik? Correct.

    Inside? Correct.
    You lot are good.
    Okay, the third one is...?

  6. BTW Jenn, I'm surprised you didn't guess at Name That Film Take 8. There was a Night of the Werewolf one I put in just for you!

  7. I'm like everyone else, coming up snake eyes on that third pic. Some Fulci movie, maybe? (total Hail Mary pass there...)

  8. Not Fulci, no. Seeing as it's the last day, I''ll give you all a clue.
    Think classic seventies British horror, this (the only gory really) scene is in the first 2 minutes of the film.
    Answer tomorrow if no-one has it by then...

  9. Is Rick Moranis in this one then?


  10. No. See new post for answers...

  11. For some reason I think that the last one is from Hammer's Dracula A.D. 1972 but I'm probably wrong.

  12. I'm afraid so Dr Blood. It was Blood On Satans Claw.

  13. I suck at these but I really want to see them all!


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