Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Horror - Psycho Model Part 2

Well, as promised, here is the finished article now I have gotten around to buying some paints.
Complete with dirty 'weathered' walls and a mummified Mother, all it needs now is the hill it sits atop.
As you can see below, the light shines through a bit too much, so I think I'll paint the inside black, but apart from that it's not too bad.
 (The last photo is a crappy one from my phone, but I changed the light inside to a softer yellow light to make it more natural)
I've seen on Ebay a collection of tiny figures, used for model railways, so I think I'll adapt them for our next project - a diorama of  a cursed village, complete with an army of the undead.


  1. Oh, my god, that's awesome!!!

  2. Very cool ~ Good job on this! Where are you planning to display the house?

  3. Ah, you're both too kind, thank you. I had no plans on actualy displaying it. It was just 'something to do'.

  4. Really? It seems like you should do something with this. I'm not sure how large the model is, so I don't know if it would take up a lot of space. It would at least be awesome to bring out at Halloween!

  5. Nice house! I did the L.A Universal Studios tour back in high school and will never forget the tram stopping at the bottom of a hill with that house perched on top. It was all I could do to not go bolting up the steps and storm the place. However, I did spit in Jaws' mouth when it attacked our tram. No joke. Saved well over 17 lives that day...

    Awesome blog! Glad I found it.

  6. You have to display it. It's too awesome not to.

  7. Neat!

    Yes, populate the set like a diarama! Have a little Janet Leigh figure in the shower, being hacked by a cross-dressing Norman!

    My mother used to make ceramic decor. One of her best pieces was of a haunted house, similar to the Bates ancestral home. I still have it too.

    I think we should all have a minature haunted house blogathon close to Halloween.

  8. Thats a great idea Johnny. I'll start on my zombie forest scene asap. The gauntlet has been thrown down, lets see what you all can do...

    And good to see you here Sean! Always like seeing fresh blood being spilt.

  9. This is cool, any idea what scale it actually is? I recall it doesn't say on the box.

  10. Could do a Beetlejuice-type village. Or even a ghost train set. Hey you could make a Universal Studios diarama for Sean! Only a zombie infested one! have the tram ad all the rest, but filled with flesh eaters!

  11. A Beetlejuice style village in my attic is exactly what I was planning to start!
    I dont have a clue what scale the house is I'm afraid Zombie Ad (its about 8 or 9" tall)

  12. Challenge accepted!

    Now where the frak did I leave my camera? Oh yeah, it's in the dungeon with the miniature victims.


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