Monday, 20 June 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 22

Back to the normal easier quiz now, after last time's whitewash - I apologise if it was just too hard, but I had to win once, didn't I?
So, for the benefit of anyone new joining the team, here's how it goes; 3 movies, you name them, you move up the leaderboard.  Simple.  At some point I'll think of a prize to give away to the top couple of horror experts, after 50 quizes, or on my 1 year blogging anniverary or something.  It's all rather vague , isn't it!
For now, enjoy the quiz, and show everyone who's got the best horror knowlege.


Good luck.


  1. Medium is a pretty cool scene from THE RITE.

  2. I thought this meant to be easy?!
    Is that Robert Mitchum on the first one?
    God I'm shit at this!!

  3. I'll give it a try...

    Since nothing came to mind, I'll just make something up (my usual defense).

    1. The Stoned Griffin!
    A crop of killer canabis leads to tragedy!

    2. Mister Ed in...The Horse Exorcist!
    Your mare runs the Kentucky Derby in HELL!

    3. House of Bondage--Strapping Young Lads to Ladies!
    Leather and Vice, always nice!

    BTW: I changed the address and title of my podcast. It's now
    Just a heads up. Update your URLs!

  4. Sorry, I've lost the love a bit recently. So here are the answers...
    Easy was Night of the Eagle (That was Peter Wyngarde, not Robert Mitchum, Mark)
    Medium was The Rite (Well done Giovanni)
    Hard was Sudor Frio (A bit of Euro captive torture horror I didnt expect anyone to get)

    I'll be back whenever the passion for blogging returns...

  5. What?! You,ve got 88 bloody followers waiting here!!!
    It'd take me about ten years to get that sort of action! So pull your finger out and keep blogging!

    C'mon fellow followers, rally the cause and persuade your second favourite horror doctor of all time to carry on making us all scream........

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