Saturday, 14 May 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 19

Three classic films for you this time.  Any self-respecting horror fan should know these in a blink of the eye.
Now there's a challenge.
And Hard...

As I said, three great little movies that you all will get fairly quickly I'm sure.
Good luck with your guesses!


  1. Easy- The Omen, Medium-is uh, Omen 2?, Hard- Riki-Oh The Story of Riki?

  2. Easy - THE OMEN. Medium - PSYCHOMANIA. Hard - no idea!

  3. 71 followers?! jesus christ! guess how many iv got. yes thats right, still bloody 9.
    AND one of them is me!

    good site though, i'll admit that. shame i can never do the quiz. number 3 looks like he needs to use a better razor. maybe 4 blades is a tad too many?

  4. The last two are majorly tough.

    1. The Omen (easy enough. "It's all for you, Damien!"

    2. This women looks like Nicole Kidman, but I doubt it's her. So I'll just make up a title. "Nicole Kidman Vs. The Biker Babes From Down Under!" Shot in glorious new, AUSSIE SCOPE!

    3. A shaving cream commercial gone hideously wrong! Use a razor, not a katana blade!

  5. Well done everyone. I didn't think that one would last long!
    Some inspired guesswork in there too, dare I say it!
    Easy was The Omen.
    Medium was Psychomania (well done Jenn)
    Hard was Riki-oh, The Story of Ricky (well done Jason)
    I liked your title for Psychomania better though Johnny.
    Points all round!


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