Saturday, 7 May 2011

Horror - Psychoville Returns

Thursday saw the start of series 2 of Psychoville here in the UK, from Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.  All the usual dysfunctional, amoral characters are there, from the blind toy collector Lomax, hook-handed clown Mr Jelly, derranged nurse Joy, to the best (in my opinion) characters the serial-killer obssesed David Sowerbutts and his mother.
It's a new character that was the most interesting though, the Silent Singer,
Seen only by Shearsmith's librarian character (with an anguished plea of "Not now, Silent Singer!") he/she moves about jerkily singing into a walking stick, as you guessed, silently.
There's more than a touch of David Lynch at work here.  The (presumably) backwards filmed movements and menacing air of the Silent Singer reminded me of Bob in Twin Peaks.  Just something dangerous only glimpsed from the corner of your eye, and then it's gone.
Some of it was a little over the top, but that's not a legitimate criticism of the guys who brought the visceral humour of The League of Gentlemen to the screen, it's meant to be outlandish.
Overall, a decent start to the series.  A little bit of humour and horror to fill an otherwise bland Thursday evening.


  1. Iiiieeeee! I missed this. Must have a look and see if it's on Watch Again. I really enjoyed the first series; I particularly enjoyed Dawn French as Joy. Dawn French rules.

    Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. Finally!!! I thought it was a glorious return and I am more than intrigued with all the new twists and cast additions. Or rather, where the increasingly labyrinthine plot will lead from here. Though I could have done without the offing of a certain you-know-who.

    Has the Halloween Special made onto DVD in the UK yet? I'm from the states, and bought an all region DVD player specifically so I could own Psychoville. Anyway, try as I might, I haven't found any information that indicates that it has.

  3. James, I have a feeling you might not be so enamoured of series 2!

    Justin, the Hallowe'en Special has not made it to DVD yet. Won't be long though

  4. Wonderful! I've been so excited about the new series for what seems like an age and it didn't disappoint. Dawn French is awesome in it.

  5. Ooh, I loved the Silent Singer. Didn't think much of the Hallowe'en Special, but series 2 seems to be back on form.

  6. Hello, Joel. Nice to see a new face round here.
    Not that there's anything wrong with the old ones!

    The Hallowe'en episode reminded me of the League of Gentlemen Hallowe'en one. It stands on it's own as a little portmantau of horror stories. Almost like a Simpsons Hallowe'en special. The same characters, but bearing absolutely no relevence to the series.
    I do agree though, the proper series is much better.


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