Saturday 28 May 2011

Iron Sky

In 1945 the Nazis went to the moon.  In 2018 they came back!
Nazis in space?  Starring the bonkers, but brilliant Udo Kier?  I'm in.
And if you want to help get this movie finished, then you can invest here.
From 1 euro to E1000, you too can be a (tiny) film producer - you have to be a European citizen to invest the full amount though I think.
I haven't the cash, but I'll show them some support by telling all you guys to take a look, and maybe even pre-order the DVD.


  1. I'm in! In space no-one can hear you goose-step!
    Sounds like an interesting premise!
    Now the only question is, shall I preorder this for my 5 year olds birthday, ...or The Muppets new one?

  2. I remember the seeing the teaser for this when they started to raise funding. The Quiet Earth posted the trailer recently, and I was AMAZED at what they did. For under a million bucks they made a film that looks better than most Hollywood "blockbusters." The same crew made the Star Trek spoof, "In the Perkenning."

    I'd also like to add...the blonde who plays Renate (Julia Dietz) is friggin' hot! I like a woman in uniform. ;)

    I will see this when it hits DVD!

  3. It coudl go either way but it is bound to be a fun watch regardless. I'm on board.


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