Saturday, 7 May 2011

Horror - Awards

I've just noticed that the brilliant Hollys Horrorland has awarded this blog this nice little bauble..
Thank you very much Holly, I shall try and be worthy of it.
Apparantly I am to tell you 7 things about myself and pass the award onto 15 other bloggers who I feel deserve it.
Ok, here goes.
1) I accidentally broke a boys arm once.

2) I saw my first horror film around 30 years ago when I was 7ish, and was then hooked.

3) I once met Clive Barker in a Liverpool bookstore, and had a nice little chat.

4) I am in the process of writing a correspondence work of fiction with m'collegue Mark

5) I find writing lists about myself rather difficult.

6) Daniel Kitson makes me laugh more than any other comedian.

7) How many's that?

15 blogs who I think are great?  Thats a tricky one.  In no particular order...

1) The Guano Gallery  (not horror, just random drivel, but he's a friend and he makes me laugh as he may do to you)

2) Cavalcade of Perversions  (The encouraging, tattooed Jenn)

3) UMUSTBEBORED (Jason is a fountain of horror knowlege)

4) At The Mansion of Madness  (Has already been nominated by Holly, but he's great so why not?)

5) The Girl Who Loves Horror  (She always has a go at my terrible quizzes)

6) Krell Laboratories  (Dr. Morbius - very interesting, say no more)

7) Fly Paper Dungeon (Johnny Zombie's brilliant blog that more people should see)

8) Eternity Kidz  (Imaginative and amusing)

9) Behind The Couch (James, a prince among men)

10) Totally Jinxed (Clever, saucy Geordie)

11) Knifed In Venice (All things Roeg)

12) Strange Spanners (Strange and mind expanding)

13) Stabford Deathrage (As angry as his name suggests)

14) The Zombie Hunter (Useful advice on surviving a zombie apocalypse)

15) Set Phazers to Fun (Not much there, but he's also a friend, who needs a kick up the arse to do more - go shout at him!)


  1. Congrats! You are the Best! Thanks for putting me on the list.

  2. I enjoy your blog as well, and I'm astonished to be included here. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks for including me! I think you are pretty darn awesome as well. And I'm among great company!

    Keep those contests coming - they're my fave!


  4. Wow! It feels great to win this award for a second time. I gladly accept and am very happy you feel I deserve to be nominated again. Thanks my friend! I remember you were the first to follow me back in January when I got started. Enjoy your site and think your great too. Always look forward to see what you have next.

  5. You are all welcome. I included you (and the others) as yours are the only blogs I actually bother to go and read - alright there are a couple of others but I could only choose 15 - and you're my favorites.

  6. I've been branded a friend...
    There aint no taking that back now!!
    And lo, I've had TWO visitors to my site off the back of this!! You've doubled my readership!
    I am eternally in your debt sir.
    PS I should be writing my bit of the story tonight but got caught up in writing rude jokes.

  7. Thanks, Doc! I'm really honoured that you speak/write so highly of my site. I enjoy your take on things too. You're across the pond, and have access to all the cool stuff before it gets to the U.S.

    Thanks again, man!

    P.S. I've had some hits off the mention as well. :)

  8. Oh, wow, thanks, that's made my day! And being called saucy is the best thing ever, I loved that so much. Strangely, I accidently broke a girl's arm when I was 10.

  9. I did it in a rugby match when I was 15 Jinx.
    Glad you're getting a few more hits Mark and Johnny.

  10. Wow, rugby, that's impressive. Mine was just sheer clumsiness that should have resulted in me getting hurt, but instead sent some poor child tumbling off a wall. God, it was in the mid eighties sometime when I was about 10. Poor girl. I still like climbing, and probably still dress the same.

  11. Not really impressive, it was clumsiness too!
    And it was the last time I ever grabbed one of those oddly shaped balls. Never again.

  12. hi Doc! thanks for mentioning me! Congrats on your award, its well deserved coz its obvious that all of us are having a great time over here.

    Darn it your quizzes are excruciatingly hard but it only proves I'm missing out on some tremendous films! hahaha

  13. Thank you.
    The quizes are usually gotten really quickly, but no-one seems to know the medium and hard on the latest one (No.18)

  14. Woah dude, you didn't tell me! Thank you kindly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review


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