Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Horror - Fright Night Trailer

OK, for all you that haven't seen it yet, here is the first trailer for the upcoming Fright Night remanke.
While it all looks well and good, where the Hell is David Tennant?
The main attraction with the first movie wasn't the nerdy lead, the dorky sidekick  Evil Ed (yes, that is McLovin!), the paint-by-numbers romantic interest or the devilishly good looking vampire.
No, it was the humorous element injected by the cowardly 'fake' vampire hunter Roddy Mcdowell.
This films saving grace, in my opinion, is David Tennants performance as Peter Vincent.  If he fails, the movie fails, if he delivers then so does the film.  So why isn't he in the trailer?
Edit: I've just spotted Tennant!  He's at 2 minutes 10 seconds.  Blink and you'll miss him.  Literally!

Oh, Christ on a Bike!  While we're watching trailers of remakes together, I've just noticed they've only gone and remade Straw Dogs!
After all, who needs Dustin Hoffman, when you've got James Marsden. FFS!


  1. First, I have to say that I am a fan of the original Fright Night. I agree that Roddy McDowell makes the movie--as does Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge (pre-Princess Bride performance as a baddie!)

    I don't mine that they remade it, so as much as how much they've changed it. I'll talk about this more on my show in the near future. But if they're going to change it that much, then why bother with a remake? My guess is that it's just so they can use the Fright Night name.

    I too noticed a lack of Tennant in the trailer as well. My guess is that is performance in the film will be a glorified cameo, and nothing more. It would appear that Charlie is badass, rather than nerdy. And Evil Ed (who I thought was hilarious when played by Steven Jeffries) is reduced to well...doing practically nothing.

    I just looks bad all around. I didn't know vampires could dig up methane gas lines, either (see the trailer...argh!)

    I'm not too excited about the Straw Dogs remake, either. It seems like they just swapped out one set of stereotypes for another.

    NO more remakes, please!

  2. Couldn't agree with you more. With The Thing prequel and the new Hellraiser 're-imagining' on the way, it seems original ideas are few and far between these days.

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  4. Clive Barker is behind the new version of Hellraiser--doing what he does best: writing. He's also writing a new Hellraiser comic (which follows the plot of the original film). So, if Clive is involved, I don't mind it.

    As for The Thing prequel...we already know what happens, so, how effective will it be?

    P.S. I had to delete my last comment because of a few spelling errors. EEK!

  5. Fright is another one that shouldn't be remade of course. But Straw Dogs? Why did anyone like this movie to begin with? It was like a really shitty exploitation flick, it just had Dustin Hoffman in it.

  6. That's why. He was its redeeming feature.


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