Sunday, 29 May 2011

Horror - A Couple More Trailers

A successful, professional woman goes missing and reappears a week later with no memory of what has happened.  She then begins to descend into madness as she tries to unravel what has happened to her.
The teaser for this one made me wince.  A first.
It's not graphic or horrific, just remided me of a certain scene in Marathon Man...or Oldboy....or Profundo Rosso.  Anything with damage to teeth basically.
 Thanks to Horror News for this
Bait (3D)
Tsunamis? Well, they're topical.  Shark movies?  Everybody loves them!  Hold-ups gone wrong? Why not, throw that in too.
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
A remake of a 1973 'classic' about tiny little ghoulies that terrorize a young girl in her spooky new home.

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