Saturday, 21 May 2011

Horror - Table

Not exactly horror I know, but take a look at this gorgeous coffee table inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm.
Now, where's that £500 I had lying around? I want one!
You can buy one here at Duffy London


  1. i found this on my travels and was gonna send it you! surely though having a big chopper on the table may put you off your dinner a tad though...

  2. Oh my God! That table, that table. The horror, the horror!

    Actually, it's rather nice. I could use a good coffee table...for my dark rituals on the weekends. The Cthulhu Tea and Cake Clutch would love it.

  3. Nice...I'll wait for the price to be slashed.

  4. Having a massive chopper at the table has never been a problem for me Mark. ;)

  5. I could make one of those for less than ten quid. 4 plastic axes from Poundland and some contiboard from B&Q. :)

  6. And I'm sure it would look marvelous, Dr Blood.

  7. At first this actually looked like a regular table to me! I had to look twice to see the axes. What a cool design!


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