Monday, 9 May 2011

Horror - Hungry?

Next time you're anywhere Manchester UK, you could do worse than visit the horrific restaurant The Hellfire Club.
It's not a flattering photograph I'll admit - apart from the hearse parked out front.             
Inside though it's all dark walls with flaming torches, lead-covered menus, a bar festooned with voodoo fetishes and crucifxes, and on Fridays sexy zombie girls provide 'table service'.  Close-up magicians work the floors and downstairs is the deepest cellar in Manchester adjoining the (real) cemetary next door.
Here's a selection from the menu...

"Death is upon us, our day of reckoning is here. To celebrate our passing the cauldrons of hell have been prepared and are full to the brim with our fresh homemade soup of the dead.

Down in the belly of the Hellfire Kitchen, the chef wrestles with a cows severed torso. Triumphantly he holds up his trophy, an over-sized monster steak burger with Porto mushroom, served with chunky chips. Also available with cheese and bacon."

Next time I'm in Manchester a trip to the Hellfire might just be order.


  1. This sounds awesome. Yet another reason I need to go to Manchester. I wonder if Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost are the proprietors.

    Oddly enough, I read Daniel Mannix book about the reason Hellfire Club a while back. While I can't vouch for it's authenticity, it is a good read.

  2. I pressume that was a reference to X-Men's Hellfire Club rather than Sebastian Shaw who shared Darth Vader duties with Dave Prowse on Return of the Jedi! ;) I know... "nerd".
    I'll look out for that Mannix book, thanks for the tip. I already have one of his about sideshow freaks.


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