Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Horror - Paul Naschy

Can't sleep, am watching Night of the Werewolf, and trying to make the room stop spinning...

Oof, my poor head.


  1. Good thing you aren't watching FURY OF THE WOLFMAN then. You'd be in a fever dream.

    Feel better!

  2. oo nice bit of nipple there to keep me watching!
    nice to be reminded the name of the film every ten seconds as well!
    never seem to see any female werewolves, now i come to think of it. bit of the old hairy ladies wouldnt go a miss.
    has there ever been any, and maybe i havent seen?

  3. PS i keep forgetting to do your party piece, and sign off with my blogsite!


    peace and love!!!

  4. Thanks Jenn, but don't feel too sorry for me, it was purely self-inflicted. A few beers and a nice bottle of Sancerre did it.
    Mark, I suggest you watch the wonderfully awful Werewolf Woman.

  5. Haven't seen this one. My Spanish is at its best when I've been drinking. At least, I like to think it is.


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