Friday, 28 January 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 6

I've decided to up the ante a little.  There's three to guess now; easy, medium and one that's a little harder.
As before, there's no prize I'm afraid it's just for fun, and the respect gained by being the biggest horror geek out there.
First, the easy...
Then the medium....

Then the hard.....

Good luck with your guesses.


  1. think I know the easy one.. is it the lovelyBad Taste? One o my favs!

  2. Oh Mark, you're so close. Guess again.

  3. Twat. Must be Braindead if Im close?

    PS the Aussies who made these films... did they make any other films afterwards?

  4. Yes, they made a couple you may have heard of. Lord Of The Rings trilogy, King Kong, Heavenly Creatures, Lovely Bones, The Frighteners was the only horror though. Brain Dead is correct.
    Now, who knows the other two?

  5. Easy: Dead Alive, medium: Ginger Snaps, and Hard: Deep Red. I believe!

  6. To be more precise with my previous answer, I believe medium is Ginger Snaps 2: Unleased.

  7. Well, I won't get pedantic about it.
    Yes, we have a winner. Well done Giovanni.
    You threw me for a moment saying Dead Alive, as here in the UK it was released as Brain Dead.
    I'm definitely going to have to make these harder. You lot are too good.


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