Thursday, 6 January 2011

Horror - Name That Film

Right, I'm about to watch a film before I go to bed, but I want you to name it from this still...

I know it's difficult, but I didn't want to make it too obvious, and I trust all you horror fans out there to get it right.  Clue?  Its Japanese, fairly creepy, made in 2006.  I wont say who stars or directed it, 'cos you'll simply imdb it!
There's no prize I'm afraid, it's just for fun.  If anyone gets it right they can have the kudos of being even geekier than me.


  1. No, and it's not Weekend At Bernie's either.
    Anyone else?

  2. Well, after a massively underwhelming response, the answer to Name That Film was 'Unholy Women'.

    "Ah, of course!" I can hear you all cry. "I knew that."
    Next time will be much easier, in the hope that someone actually has a genuine stab at it.

  3. anything with rick moranis please, im good on him.

  4. I knew it wasn't the right answer, but she has an uncanny resemblance to an emo girl I dated once. Contrary to my prior belief, Possession is not hot.

  5. I've got one of those emo lawns. It cuts itself.


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