Friday, 21 January 2011

Horror - Outcast

Well, I finally got round to watching Outcast, and I was quietly impressed.
A pair of believable young leads, my favorite Scottish hard-man James Cosmo, and a big viscious monster - you can't go wrong.
But James Nesbitt is the man who really makes this film stand out.
By turns derranged, psychotic, incompetent and murderous with rage he plays a man heavily tattooed with mystical Romany symbols, charged with the task of tracking down and killing a woman and her son who are in hiding on a Glasgow housing estate.  Kate Dickie is excellent as the domineering mother who will do anything, including black magic, to protect her son.
Nesbitt exudes menace as he grows ever nearer the pair, and add to that the unseen beast that prowls the estate at night, picking off the locals in grisly ways, then you know the end is going to be bloody.
Director Colm McCarthy and his brother Tom build the tension nicely, and there's a sense of all the characters being lost and knowing they aren't going to find the happy end they want.
Overall, not the best British horror film ever, but no-where near the worst.

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