Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Horror - Forbidden House


  1. looks bloody slow this one. like the hole in the basement though. could do with one of them.
    heres a question for you and your astonishing ELEVEN viewers...
    how many slow-to-start films can you name that spend the first twenty minutes having a new couple/family move into a new house, and slightly sinister happenings unravel. etc etc etc...

  2. Sometimes slow is good Mark, ask your wife!
    As to your question, there's probably loads, but off the top of my head
    *Fear In The Night (technically a school not a house)
    *The Changeling (tenuous this one)
    *The Amityville Horror
    *The House By The Cemetry
    *The Haunting In Connecticut
    *The Beyond
    *The House by The Cemetery
    *Saturday the 14th
    As I say, there's loads more, and if I had the time and inclination I might look them up.
    If anyone can think of more please feel free to comment me, and let me know what obvious ones I missed out.

  3. I just noticed I put The House By the Cemetery twice. It wasn't worth putting in once to be honest.


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