Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Horror - Dick Smith Horror Make-Up Kit

Thanks to Paul's excellent Cobwebbed Room for reminding me of the best Christmas present I was given as a child.
I was given it in around 1980 - 81ish, and my dad did a cracking job applying the latex scars and wounds to my face.  I even won a Halloween competition at my school, dressed as a disfigured werewolf!
Happy days.
Anyway visit The Cobwebbed Room. I have spent ages trawling through his pages with a nostalgic far-away look in my eye!


  1. Love your blog, most entertaining I've read in weeks. And I want this!

  2. Thank you, I've just been looking at yours. Good stuf, I've become a follower.
    Yes, I wish I still had this make-up kit. I might have it still in my parents attic, though I doubt the 'flex-flesh' would be up to much after all these years!

  3. dc, great monster make-up kit... i love the art/photos... and about hba banner... right click and save it... if you need something custom please let me know!
    jeremy [iZombie]
    hba staffer

  4. Wow.. Flash backs, awesome


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