Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Horror - Psycho Model

This week I bought my little boy a new nightlight.  So what, I hear you say.  Well, this one is a bit cool.
It has a light kit which, once assembled, painted and the curtains put in, shines out the windows.

It even has a tiny Mother figure (which I am apparantly to paint in 'various shades of dead') which sits in an upstairs window.

The assembly wasn't too hard.  After an hour we had it looking like this...

Smaller than I expected, but as it's going to be a nightlight I suppose it's about right. 
 I've got to build the hill it sits on yet as well though, so its size will increase.
My son and I had a really good time making this, and - as he's never seen the film - it holds no fear for him (I'm not a complete monster, deliberately giving him nightmares of Norman Bates - I'll wait until he's 9 for that)

Now the hard part - painting it so it looks realistic....

If it doesn't turn out to be a total disaster, I'll let you all know how it looks.


  1. Great work!!! I love the blog style!!!

  2. THATS AWESOME! I want one but I can't paint.

  3. Neither can I! I've been looking in youtube for 'weathering' techniques to make it look old and neglected. It's either going to end up pretty good, or a complete mess.

  4. I want one too! That is so cool! Wherever did you find it?

    I have a regular at the restaurant and his ten and and eight year olds watch horror movies all the time. They love them! They tell me all about whatever they watched that week when he brings them in to see me. Killer clowns, slashers, ghost stories, new stuff, old stuff, they have no fear. It's pretty cool. I make my cats watch horror movies all the time too. They don't seem to mind either :)

    Seems like you might have a monster kid in training :) Very cool, indeed.

  5. I can't remember what site I first saw it, but you can buy one here...


    Just don't make it look better than mine! ;)


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