Monday, 18 April 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 17

Here, agaiu, is the quiz you've been dreading.
Bi-monthly now, instead of weekly (I got the feeleing you were getting a little sick of it), so I'll dip you into the waters nice and easy.
And Quite Hard...

Good luck, I have the feeling the first 2 will be known by quite a few of you!


  1. Not got a bloody clue.
    1: looks like the grinch!
    2: looks like god knows what tatty vampire film, and
    3: looks like an "ex" im trying to forget!
    its the third one thats bugging me though!
    as indeed the "ex" did!!

  2. Dawn of the Dead, Fright Night (classic film) and... this one's on the tip of my tongue but won't come out

  3. Good, good.
    Keep trying, you may just get it!
    I was going to ask if your name was a Dont Look Now reference, but then I looked at your blog and realised that would've been a silly question.

  4. 1. Dawn of the Dead (1978 shot in my hometown!)

    2. Fright Night (Evil Ed, "You're too cool, Brewster!)

    3. A Christmas Tale (an obscure, but really good Spanish movie set in the 80's. I saw it on Fearnet)

  5. Correct! Well done, Johnny Zombie, I didn't think anyone would get that last one.

    Películas para no dormir (Six films to keep you awake) were a great little collection of Spanish horror movies, though the Christmas Tale was the best. Anyone who hasn't seen it should hunt it down.

  6. while you're all talking about santa, what was that film where thet found a santa, one of the stills had him in a cage like he was a beastie?
    think it was a foreign one.

  7. @Mark Le Lievre--I believe that would be the Dutch film "Rare Exports." I've not yet seen it, but I've heard great things about it. It looked excellent in the trailer.

    @Dr. Cyclops--Thank you kindly, good doctor. :)

  8. nice one johnny! im downloading as we speak!!


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