Saturday, 12 February 2011

Horror - Name That Film Take 8

After another underwhelming response (I'm not discouraged) its that time of week again.
But first, the answers to last weeks comp.
Easy - Salem's Lot
Medium - Bubba Ho-Tep (only Mark at The Guano Gallery got this one)
Hard - Mr Vampire (a classic!)
Obvious really, weren't they?

So here's this weeks pictures to guess.

And Hard....

Good luck guessing, and remember - it's just for fun.


  1. Too hard!! the first looks familiar... is that a mans head upside-down thats morphed into a spider monster? could be any film that!
    and the third looks vampire-ish, bit of the old nosferatu about it. keep expecting to see bill nye in a long leather coat pop up.
    just me.

    anyway... i have a question sir.
    where does the quote for your title "the horror the horror" first come from? only i heard someone mention marlon brando in the same breath as this quote the other day.

    PS thnx 4 the "big-up"!!

  2. I know what Medium is, but I won't give it away in order to give other people a chance to get all 3 right.

  3. How very sporting, Giovanni.
    Give a day or two, and if no-one has got it, dive in and show them all who's the daddy!
    I'm amazed no-one knows the easy one. I almost didnt put it in, as I thought it was too easy!
    Mark; "The Horror, The Horror" comes from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Some of the last words in the book, if my memory of my A Levels serve correctly.
    Elements of Heart of Darkness were adapted for the film Apocolypse Now. Marlon Brando says the line, after - as in the book - Kurtz disappears into the jungle and loses his mind.

  4. BTW Mark, it was you who got me onto the Hard film, I'm surprised you don't know it.

  5. was it? let's have a bloody think then...
    i can't think!!
    not pans labrynth, you already knew that.
    jesus its annoying me now!! i knew id seen it before!
    my memory is rubbish aaarghhh!!
    funnily enough i was talking about that only today!
    (i think)

    no, im gonna give in.
    TELL MEEE!!!!

  6. Not telling yet. Someone will know....

  7. Medium is my favorite Waldemar Daninsky film from Paul Naschy titled "The Night of The Werewolf" (AKA "El Retorno del Hombre-Lobo" and "The Craving"). Easy is definitely an easy one because that looks like it is from John Carpenter's "The Thing". But I have to say I haven't the slightest clue as to what hard is.

  8. Correct, and correct. Well done Giovanni, you certainly know your horror.
    Now lets see if anyone knows their Russian film history, hint hint.

  9. bloody doing my head in this.

    (you SURE its not Ghostbusters II?)

  10. It's definitely NOT Ghostbusters II

  11. I think it's Viy from 1967. But I don't know it's English title.

  12. Excellent! Didn't think anyone would get that hard one. Well done Sir! It was indeed Viy, which I watched only last week.
    Mark, youTube Viy - I'm sure it'll bring back some memories.
    Anyway, thanks for playing - another quiz on Saturday.

  13. I was once obsessed with Russian cinema and I managed to watch all the big names from Eisenstein to Tarkovsky. In the middle of all those films was one called Viy which shined out mainly because there weren't many horror films in the old Russia. :)

  14. I'm afraid my knowledge of Russian cinema is restricted to Viy, Night and Day Watch and Battleship Potemkin.


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