Friday, 19 November 2010

Horror - Mutants

Right, if I can stay awake after the kids have gone to school, I shall be watching French zombie film Mutants(2009. David Morley)

Looks good, but has terrible reviews.  If it's half as good as La Horde though I'll be happy.
Everyone who enjoys zombie movies should watch La Horde.  Starting out as exciting crime flick, where a quartet of cops' plan to wipe out a gang of drug dealers goes quickly awry.  It then turns into a battle for survival, as the tower block they have infiltrated becomes a stronghold against an ever-growing zombie horde, and the cops and gangsters must team up to get out alive.
One of my top horror films of 2010.


  1. hey couldve just shot this with regular french people at the door scratching. i wouldnt bloody let them in.
    not racist that, is it?
    aanyway, iv just stumbled over an old Czech horror The Cremator...

    this is a snippet, but someone's posted the whole film in 8 blocks.
    see what "Dr.C" thinks of this!


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